# members !!

some side notes:
-don’t generalize your perception of each member off of description, the best way to learn and understand them each individually is by watching videos, reading interviews, etc. (underlined words are links to videos and interviews)

-most members have a stage name and their real name, armys tend to call them by their real name more often than the stage name


name: kim namjoon 김남준
stage name and nicknames: rm (rap monster), namjoon, joon
birthday: september 12, 1994
height: 181 cm
role: leader, main rapper, songwriter/producer

more facts and personality:
-middle member
-only one who speaks fluent english, taught himself through watching the sitcom ‘friends’
-a great leader, very thoughtful
-gave a full speech at the UN

support rm!
-mixtape: RM (2015)
-mixtape: mono (2018)
-respect (ft. suga) (MOTS: 7 album)
-winter flower (by younha)
-intro:persona (MOTS:persona album)
-reflection (wings album)
-champions ft. fall out boy (remix)


name: kim seokjin 김석진
stage name and nicknames: jin, seokjin
birthday: december 4, 1992
height: 179 cm
role: main visual, vocal line, songwriter

more facts and personality:
-worldwide handsome, you’ll hear it a lot
-has his own mukbang show called ‘eat jin’, he’s a great cook
-the oldest member
-caring, humble, funny
-jin was scouted by BH for his looks while walking down the street, he had no background in music or dance and has improved tremendously since then

support jin!
-moon (MOTS: 7 album)
-awake (wings album)
-epiphany (love yourself: answer album)


name: min yoongi 민윤기
stage name and nicknames: suga, agust d, yoongi
birthday: march 9, 1993
height: 174 cm
role: main rapper, songwriter/producer

more facts and personality:
-second oldest member
-played basketball
-writes A LOT, often stays up late
-can play the piano

*recently yoongi had surgery for his shoulder and is in recovery so he may be less active in current promotions... read more here

support yoongi!
-mixtape: agust d (2016)
-mixtape: d-2 (2020)
-interlude:shadow (MOTS: 7 album)
-respect (ft. rm) (MOTS: 7 album)
-suga’s interlude (by halsey)
-intro: 화양연화 (화양연화 pt.1 album)
-never mind (화양연화 pt.2 album)
-first love (wings album)


name: jung hoseok 정호석
stage name and nicknames: j-hope, hoseok, hobi
birthday: february 18th, 1994
height: 177 cm
role: main rapper, lead dancer, songwriter

more facts and personality:
-bright personality
-he often teaches choreography to the rest of the band and is always trying to help them improve
-hope on the street

support j-hope!
-mixtape: hope world (2018)
-outro: ego (MOTS: 7 album)
-chicken noodle soup (ft. becky g)
-MAMA (wings album)
-intro: boy meets evil (wings album)


name: park jimin 박지민
stage name and nicknames: jimin
birthday: october 13, 1995
height: 173 cm
role: main vocalist, main dancer, songwriter

more facts and personality:
-maknae line
-shortest (?) member
-he is very expressive in his style of dance; the other members praise him for it.
-top student in school and studied contemporary dance
-thoughtful and affectionate
-social butterfly; close with many idols such as SHINEEs taemin, EXOs kai, and HOTSHOT/WANNA ONEs ha sungwoon

support jimin!
-filter (MOTS: 7 album)
-friends (ft. V) (MOTS: 7 album)
-INTRO: Serendipity (love yourself: her album)
-lie (wings album)


name: kim taehyung 김태형
stage name and nicknames: v, tae/ taetae
birthday: december 30, 1995
height: 178 cm
role: main vocalist, songwriter, dance line

more facts and personality:
-maknae line
-he and jimin are considered the ‘95 line and were classmates in highschool
-has a dog named yeontan (tannie)
-his voice is pretty distinguishable amongst other members (deep and soulful)
-sociable and friendly (taes friend group: wooga squad)
-added to the dance line in 2018 after singularity

support taehyung!
-inner child (MOTS: 7 album)
-friends (ft. jimin) (MOTS: 7 album)
-winter bear
-intro: singularity (love yourself: tear album)
-stigma (wings album)
-sweet night
-it’s definitely you (ft. jin)


name: jeon jeongguk 전정국
stage name and nicknames: jungkook, jk
birthday: september 1st, 1997
height: 179 cm
role: main vocalist, main dancer, center, songwriter

more facts and personality:
-youngest or ‘golden maknae’
-known to be good at everything (watch run)
-very passionate
-very powerful dancer and stable, consistent vocalist
-part of kpops 97 liners friend group (consists of GOT7s yugyeom and bambam, SEVENTEENs mingyu, dk, and minghao, NCTs jaehyun, and ASTROs cha eunwoo)

support jungkook!
-my time (MOTS: 7 album)
-euphoria (love yourself: answer album)
-begin (wings album)
-still with you